Meet Emily Adams, founder of


Hi there! I'm Emily, and I'm an author, speaker and women's empowerment mentor. 

It sounds like a mouthful doesn't it, "Women's empowerment mentor?" 

I used to think so too.

In fact, whenever I heard the word "empowerment," I would think, "oh that doesn't apply to me. That's only for other women. I don't need lessons in power. I'm fine where I'm at."

And I was... until I wasn't.

Just like the women I work with, I reached a point where I was very much NOT okay with "where I was at." I had BIG goals and dreams for myself, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why — despite working so hard — I was unable to achieve the success that I wanted. 

("But I'm smart! And I'm a REALLY good person!")

I felt powerless and alone on the windward side of this big, scary mountain. And though exhausted by my climb, I KNEW that if I could only just keep on trying a little bit longer, I'd finally "make it," and be like all those other amazing women at the top; Sitting on a pile of money, getting interviewed by Oprah Winfrey about my journey to massive success.

But see that's just it. As I succumbed to my burn out, I had to ask myself,

"What would I say to Oprah Winfrey? How would I describe this whole experience, and what would I attribute my success to?"

For the first time in my life I was decidedly "over" the notion that I didn't work hard enough, and it struck me as a complete anomaly that my road to success couldn't be defined by effort alone. ("Sorry society, hard work isn't cutting it.")

As I looked up the mountain, hearing the faint sounds of laughter (and what I was sure must have been the clinking of fine dinnerware) emanating from the gathering of all these Oprah-famed amazing women, I felt the strangest pang of relief as I realized, there's no difference between me and you.

When I reach the top, I’m still going to be the same person. Exactly as I am... right now.

So what is it then, that changes?

Excellent question, past-self. And I thank you for this painful dilemma, because it was from here that I launched all of my life changing personal empowerment teachings.

I'll share with you right now that the answer to "what changes" isn't about who you're not, or anything you feel you need to acquire.

What changes is your energy within, because your energy IS your power. It's what naturally, and ironically, effortlessly, allows you to rise precisely where you're meant to go. (And you, my dear, are destined for greatness.)

You know all that Law of Attraction stuff? Yeah. That's what I'm talking about.

Except what I do is help you emotionally understand this, through the trials and tribulations of your own life, exactly as you are right now. The woman who's already amazing, but who hasn't externally materialized it the way she wants (and deserves) to.

Basically, I help women climb mountains.

I help bridge that gap between where you are and where you want to be. The life in which you fulfill your role as an almighty powerful rock star; Effortlessly sharing your natural talents with the world, while also being compensated in a beautifully profitable way.

Am I speaking illusions of grandeur? No.

Am I referencing some sort of dubious entitlement? Absolutely not.

What I'm talking about is a healthy mindset, a soul-set really, in which you're energetically grounded within the authentically powerful being you already are. Because it's through these deep roots — and these roots only! — that the physical earth around you begins to shift, and reflect back what you see for yourself deep in your heart.

Energy is everything. And it's authentic energy that's the key to amazing success. It's what I'm about, and it's what I teach in all my blogs, workshops and coaching programs.

If you're ready to claim your power and finally let yourself rise, I invite you to join me.  Because you, girlfriend, are amazing.




And at long last, some über important items you should definitely know about me:

  • No one rocked Christmas of '93 better.



  • I've never missed an episode of HBO’s Girls or Downton Abbey, and my goal is basically to be a bad ass combo of Jessa meets Maggie Smith’s The Dowager Countess. (“But what is a week-end?”)


  • I hate wearing a bra. And while we’re on the subject, I kinda hate wearing pants too.


  • I love woo-woo spiritual stuff. This means I carry crystals, burn sage and follow witches on Instagram.


  • I've completely given up watching hair tutorials on Pinterest. I can’t braid for shit.


  • I’m probably the only girl you know who doesn’t use an eyelash curler. 


  • Sometimes I like dogs more than humans.

  • I’m the first kind.