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This 50-page kit explains everything you need to know about:

  • Designing a gorgeous, modern + professional website

  • Building a powerful, authentic brand

  • Writing + publishing your first book 

  • Harnessing basic SEO tools (to improve your search results)

  • Understanding difficult website terminology (like "platforms," "hosting" and "frameworks")

  • Powerful inspiration for getting your voice out there

  • ... and SO much more!

Emily’s kit is so simple and clear. She touches on every little detail and gives you the “HOW” of it all! As someone who’s just beginning their career, receiving guidance from someone who “gets” it is truly worth its weight in gold.
— Kyle, Law of Attraction Coach

Not a fan of reading?

No worries. The kit comes with over 2 hours of in-depth video trainings, too.



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